We Elmarwa-foods:

Al Marwa Foods is one of the largest and largest companies in the field of manufacturing all types of pickles & pickles in Egypt and all our products with international export specifications. We have extensive experience in this field. We have branches in all governorates of Egypt. Our branches are spread all over the world. All products are fresh. The latest means in processing and manufacturing using technology in equipment
We have equipped cars with the name of the company roaming all the reserves from the Delta until the level we care about the quality of the product and clean our agents in all governorates
The name Marwa Foods has become a name with a history and a special character
And our products are multiple in all shapes and colors and new always you will find it
Al Marwa Foods was established in 2007 and is active in the field of vegetables, pickled olives, import and export.
The company is one of the largest exporters of pickles in most Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, and the United States.
The company has obtained many international certificates such as ISO certificate.
The company follows the latest methods in the manufacture of pickles in terms of quality and equipment.
The company's products are subject to health control by the competent authorities.
There are products for sale in the company outlets as there are representatives affiliated to the company for distribution throughout the country.
Al Marwa Foods follows international export standards.s.